The Gramitherm® process extracts from raw grass cellulose fibres (used to produce Gramitherm®) and « juices » supplied to biogas units as energy booster.

The Gramitherm® process secures a full utilisation of all grass components, and generates high efficiency and added value to the raw material.

Our philosophy is to create value for our customers/partners and to moderate our impact on the environment.

The Gramitherm® patented innovation is unique and based on 3 key steps :

  • The cutting and harvesting of “waste” grass ; 1 acre of land will allow to produce 200 M3 of insulating products !
  • The grass fibres extraction from the raw material ; valorization of the « juice » ; drying and opening fibres
  • And finally the semi-rigid boards production (AIR-LAY process, thermobonding oven).