CARBON footprint

Grass absorbs a large quantity of CO2. The grass fibers production process is virtuous and the manufacture of the panels generates a low grey energy; the combination of the both elements generates a negative carbon footprint (1 kg of Gramitherm® stores 1.5 kg of CO2-EQ).

Yes, the negative carbon footprint is certified by an EPD available on the INIES database. In addition, an EPD is available on the Belgian TOTEM database, which certifies that during its entire production phase, 1m² of a 100mm-thickness panel stores 5.01kg of CO2-EQ.


Our production capacity is 200.000m³/year.

Our production plant is located in Auvelais/Sambreville in Wallonia (Belgium).


Grass grows mainly everywhere and renews itself very quickly. It is “lost” or “waste” grass (wetlands, roadside maintenance, airports, etc.) that is used to produce Gramitherm®. It does not need to be cultivated: no agricultural land is used, no watering is required and it is not intended for animal feed.

Yes, the panels are recycled for re-use.

The off cuts from production are  directly reintegrated into the production line to make new panels. The same applies to the recovery of panels at the end of their life cycle or to off-cuts from building sites.

Grass is an inexhaustible material that renews itself very quickly. We have the potential to provide millions of tons of grass available.

the PRINCIPlES of InsulaTION

Gramitherm® can be used for interior and exterior insulation: walls, ceilings, attics, floors, partitions for renovations or new buildings.

Yes, to guarantee its thermal performance over time and its durability, the insulation needs to be protected with membranes.

The “vapour-barrier” membrane, installed on the inside of the warm side of the insulation, provides an airtight seal to prevent energy loss through leaks, as well as managing the flow of water vapour through the wall.

The “rainscreen” membrane, laid on the outside of the cold side of the insulation, will make it watertight but also windtight to limit air movement in the insulation (which can affect its thermal capacity by up to 75%!). The rain screen must be highly permeable to water vapor.

For more information, download our technical documents here

insulation characteristics

Gramitherm® insulates against cold (Lamba of 0.041 W/m.K) and summer heat.

Gramitherm® absorbs noise and provides peace and comfort. It is not an impact noise insulator.


Gramitherm® regulates humidity: 1m² in 100mm thickness can absorb up to 4.6 litres of water and desorb this quantity in a dry atmosphere.

Dimensions and installation

Gramitherm® semi-flexible panels all measure 1200mm x 600mm.

The thickness varies from 45mm to 240mm (12 differents thicknesses: 45 / 60 / 80 / 100 / 120 /140 / 150 / 160 / 180 / 200 /220 / 240)

It’s easy to install, with no need for masks or gloves. It’s a healthy, non-irritating product. 

Cutting is easy with the right tools.

Storing panels

Panels should be stored in a dry place away from bad weather.

Long-term storage on pallets should be avoided.